The Rat Pack

By | August 26, 2017

In honor of National Dog Day, I want to tell you a little about our pups.


Josephine Catherine, better known as Joey. Joey is her mom’s shadow, where ever you mommy is she is not far behind. Joey is a young 8 years old. Unfortunately, the scientists were a little late in finding the DNA marker for a disease called Lens Luxation. This is when the ligaments that hold the lens in place deteriorate, causing blindness and discomfort. Joey was born a year before they found the marker.  She was diagnosed when she was only 3 years old. She does get around well when she pays attention to our cues and she tends to follow the same route. Joey absolutely loves her stuffed animals and toys. Most days you can see her carrying around one of her toys in her mouth that she wants us to play with. Of course, if her brother or sister comes around all bets are off, and she is done playing till they lose interest. The silly hierarchy of the rat pack.


Samantha Rose, aka Sammie, is the funniest pup! Most days you will find her stationed laying at the window in my office watching the neighborhood. If she sees anything going on, a cat in the yard, our neighbor Bob coming home, she will sound the alarm. Sammie runs around the house singing in a high pitch bark, making sure everyone knows something is askew. If you ignore her, she will be sure to get her sister and brother in her chorus of chaos. Sometimes I wonder if Sammie speaks in a higher language than our own, she’s so intelligent. As you can see in her picture she wears her heart on her fur and is the sweetest and happiest girl you will ever meet.



Our youngest rat terrier, Johnny. We rescued Johnny from Birmingham, AL. He was picked up by a shelter there as a stray. My mom posted a picture of him on Facebook, luckily I saw it. His time was up at the shelter. It took us 4 hours to drive from Charlotte, NC to Birmingham, AL to pick him up. Of course, it took us double that time to drive back home. Whoever was driving he had to be in their lap, he was so nervous. This is his shelter pic, who in their right mind wouldn’t love this face!

We fell in love with him instantly. This sweet boy is the apple of our eyes. Our rat pack would not be whole without him!

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