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By | September 21, 2017

Is it wrong to say I’m a mom to my pets? I came across a facebook post the other day. I have to say it really made my blood boil! It didn’t make me mad because of one way or the other because both views are right and wrong….very wrong!

I love my furry babies, my pets as they are my children. No, I did not birth them, but I do care for them unconditionally. Of course currently the way the laws stand, pets are property with little to no rights of their own. As long as they are given food, and water we can do what we want. This is where it has been taken to extremely. They are not ours to work in the fighting ring to kill other dogs or other animals to make us money. Or to use for breeding to make us some cash. I can go on and on how pets, all animals have been taken advantage of under the law that pets are property. So why shouldn’t the law be changed! Dogs, Cats and other animals should be protected. They are living creatures and deserve much more than what they have been given this far.

We have recently seen some of the laws are indeed changing. I’m sure we are all aware that some states have laws that allow passersby to break windows of an automotive if there is a dog suffering in the heat. 

I have even seen in the news about some court cases that have disputed custody of pets in divorce.

Though the other thought is if we were to give them ‘animal rights’, just like ‘human rights’ the government, law would dictate how we cared for them. If we chose not to give a treatment if they were sick we would/could be fined or worse. Spaying or neutering your dog or cat would also be under question. How does that animal feel, do they want to have the procedure or not? 

What I do not understand- is if we are making the rules why can’t we dictate or say what rights they have. We do not have to put them in the same category as humans. They are domesticated animals, and be treated with dignity and have the rights that they deserve. There has to be an in-between, not human and not property. 

Here at Completely about pets, we treat our pets as family and they are our children.

We want to hear from all of you, where do you stand on this subject?

Below I have added the Facebook post below, by Debi Pruznick for you to read.

–Once in a blue moon, I go to a pet store for something. I glanced at the entrance sign advising ‘parents’ to keep their ‘fur kids’ on a leash. Anyone that knows me knows full well that quite frankly, pisses me off. A friend at work referred to her dogs that way….I try to be polite, I said nothing. Then recently I saw a pet sitting business and at least 2 other stores refer to ‘pet parents’, ‘guardian’, ‘fur babies’, ‘fur kids’ and ‘adoptions’.

Does anyone have even a clue how extremely dangerous this terminology is????? I can’t believe this is 2017; I and many friends like me have been fighting this crap for decades! We try to educate people about the danger with respect to terminology should this ever become law and I can’t believe how people stubbornly dig their heels in as if those words are necessary to define and ensure the world knows their love for their pet.
Words matter!!! Dogs are dogs, you purchase them, you are their owner and they are your property! I will fight with my last breath to retain MY rights to own my dog and keep them defined as MY property!!!
Dear God, don’t people realize this has been an Animal Rights campaign for decades, and they are nearing their last step before the elimination of our pets!
If you are defined as parent or guardian, then your dog has legal rights! Obviously, they can’t speak, so should a problem or complaint arise, legitimate or not- a third party will be appointed to make decisions on behalf of your pet! Even though you think you’re the guardian – you don’t own the dog and it WON’T be you!!!
When you are a guardian – police don’t need a warrant to enter your home and confiscate dog! If a neighbor or ex is spiteful, all they need to do is say your dogs life is in danger, they saw the dog outside for hours in excessive heat, they see empty food bowls and look, there’s no water bowl provided, the dogs are skin and bones – or they’re overfeeding, he’s so fat, they work him constantly, he’s outside for hours in the cold.. any one of a million things that happen and can be reasonably explained! But you don’t own your dog- you wanted to be his parent, his guardian- so you no longer have rights! They confiscate your pet, have a dr exam then kennel him and appoint someone other than you to represent your pet- all at your expense!
Oh, forgive me, I misspoke. Legally, it isn’t your dog- you don’t own him! So he sits in a kennel for weeks, months and some who have had their pets confiscated on bogus charges have been fighting in courts for years to get their pets back!!!
In one case, the poor man fought close to 2 years- some of his dogs died, some became pregnant and some were even ‘adopted’ by other people and the condition of the dogs was point blank pitiful! Yet the man was found to be innocent!
Giving up your right to own your dog leaves you no rights whatsoever to protect him, make decisions about food, health care, temperature location or size they are housed in, and no doubt how you choose to exercise them.
Sure, once they are no longer your property – their ‘value’ will increase significantly with respect to lawsuits in a fatality. Let me ask you this- how much money will replace them, what dollar figure can you put on their life?
IMO, they’re priceless; no amount of money could compensate me for their loss. I’ll happily accept the loss of legal value, just to keep my rights to own them.
I adore my dogs- and yes, I’d take a bullet for them. I love and care for them every bit as much as I would love a human child- but that is personal, its how I feel, it’s between them and I. I don’t need a mommy title to announce or validate my love for them! I treat them as a beloved family member, but I’ll fight to the end to maintain my rights as their owner because legally, THAT is how I can protect them best! The legal definition does not in any way, shape or form define my love or my feelings for them!
My bf has a child. I’ve been through all of the things a parent would over the years – but I’m just Debi. I’m not his mom or his step-mom, there is no legal relationship or responsibility.
The legal definition has NOTHING whatsoever to do with how I feel or treat him. I worry when he’s sick or hurt. I hope he meets a nice girl and lives happily ever after. I’ll still be there for him if he needs something and he would be there for me if I need something.
He knows I love him and I know he loves me. That’s all that matters. I don’t have to be his parent and he doesn’t have to be my child to define or limit our roles.
I’m just Debi- I don’t have any children; I own my dogs- and I’m happy with that! Legal terms define rights and responsibility- it doesn’t define or in any way represent, enhance or diminish how you feel!
Please educate yourself on the impact of the legal difference between owner and guardian or pet parent. The accepted practice of using these words is extremely dangerous as it becomes socially acceptable. People don’t understand they’re actually being set up for the ultimate Animal Rights goal- the complete elimination of our pets! Their foot is in the door, others have already slipped in- and the vast majority of people are blindly following their lead, leaving the door wide open for them to achieve their final step toward the elimination of pets and the activities we share with them. Once they achieve animal rights- the legal definitions of guardian, pet parent, legally changing dogs from the property, giving them a higher status- we’re doomed!
Words matter! Choose wisely. In the end, your pets very life will depend upon it.
If this can get even one person to stop and think, to understand the true battle is one behind all of the smoke and mirrors- you will have my heartfelt gratitude!To anyone that owns a pet, hopes to own one or simply just admires them from afar; I give you my word, this isn’t a fire drill! The battle is real and the stakes you are gambling with are so much greater than you realize!We’ve been under attack for years before we even realized they were setting the stage for a war- stockpiled with propaganda and deception as arms, organized and prepared they attacked repeatedly and with such stealth, we didn’t know it happened, much less have any foresight to see it was coming! Ironically the majority of their wealth and backing was unwittingly provided by many of you that not only share our belief, love, and passion for our pets; but also never would have offered it had you not been deceived with the true intended need and purpose.
Don’t take my word- take a few minutes and look it up. It’s all public information. If you’re going to take a stand- is it unreasonable to ask that you make an educated and informed decision? At the very least, you should know exactly who and what you are fighting for!
* Permission to share/cross post the above post, as well as any comments I’ve written with respect to it, is granted. I ask only that you leave my name as author.



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