Does your dog love you?

By | September 14, 2017

Have you ever wondered ‘what in the world are they saying to me?’

If only they could speak English or better yet why can’t they understand. Can they even have an emotion or have the ability to love??


I came across an article in the National Geographic by Simon Worrall about a neuroscientist, Gregory Berns his dog to get into an MRI machine. This has sparked my interest to learn more about Berns. He has written a book about his findings, What it’s like to be a dog.


In his book, Berns talks about the study that he constructed in Atlanta, Georgia. In his findings, dog’s brains though smaller in comparison to the human brain, they are very similar. Similar in how they work, how they comprehend and understand. Though dogs can not speak English they can understand us, and he has proven that they do have emotion and very capable to love!

What a relief! Our furry friends are capable of loving us!

I did a quick search on the internet and came across Gregory Berns’ website, He has a few other books, as well as looking for volunteers in the Atlanta area.

Here at Completely about pets will be on the lookout for any further findings from Gregory Berns.

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