Do you Catnip?

By | August 23, 2017

Scientific name: Nepeta Cataria

Common name: Catnip, Catswort, or Catmint

Catnip is made from a short-lived perennial herbaceous plant that grows to about 50-100 cm or 20-39 in. This plant blooms in late spring to autumn time. It resembles the mint family, with brown-green leaves, a square stem, and white to pinkish flowers.

There are a number of benefits for this plant other than the enjoyment of your family feline. Humans can drink it as an herbal tea to help with sleep, stress, and be relaxing. You can plant it in the garden to attract butterflies. It can be a repellant for insects such as mosquitoes, cock roaches, and termites. It is said to be 10x more powerful than DEET! Has your doctor prescribed you Catnip? Catnip has been known to help with the hiccups, infancy colic, PMS, reduce swelling, and many other ailments. You can also use catnip as a garnish for you many culinary dishes. Maybe garnish your felines dinner plate with their favorite catnip.

Why does the kitty cat like it so much? Lions, tigers, and leopards react too! It goes into their system through the feline’s nose. The Catnip mimics that of a cat’s pheromone. Much like an attraction! They literally fall in love with the plant.

Cats love a small pile of catnip, a small toy made with catnip or a toy infused with catnip. A few simple ideas: Grab a large ziplock bag, put a handful of catnip and a few of their favorite toys. Seal the zip lock bag for about 24 hours or more to give the catnip infused aroma for your feline companion. You can also grab a piece of fabric or a small old sock. Fill the sock with catnip, and add a small pile of catnip to the piece of fabric. Close the sides of the fabric or the top of the sock by sewing it or use fabric glue. Your kitty will love it!

Sit back and watch your feline friends and the silly catnip antics that follow

Looking for the best catnip?

Our cats love the kong brand of catnip, they go wild for it!

From our kitties to yours…Meow!!




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