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Costume Contest

Happy Halloween! In honor of Halloween being this month, we are hosting a costume contest! Beginning Oct 1st thru Oct 27th post on our facebook page, click here,  post your favorite pictures of your pets, please 1 picture per person, after posting look through the other pics, and click like for your favorite (cannot be… Read More »

Bunny Love

    Let’s talk about bunnies! If you are looking for a small pet with a bold personality a bunny rabbit could be just what you are looking for.   Bunnies are a great choice for any living situation, whether you have an apartment or a huge home. Give them a cage and some running… Read More »

Does your dog love you?

Have you ever wondered ‘what in the world are they saying to me?’ If only they could speak English or better yet why can’t they understand. Can they even have an emotion or have the ability to love??   I came across an article in the National Geographic by Simon Worrall about a neuroscientist, Gregory… Read More »

Do you have a new puppy?

I remember those days! It can be very hard to see the end to the chewing or pottying on everything. Luckily these tips and tricks are here to help! Feeding your new dog is probably one of the first obstacles to tackle. A lot of times the food that they were eating before coming home… Read More »

Let’s talk about Pets

Are you looking for a new pet? The most popular pet in America are dogs, followed close behind the cat and of course the fish. Though who can have just one. I have had the honor of loving a few different pets in my lifetime. A turtle, dogs, cats, freshwater fish, and hamsters. Each pet… Read More »

Do you Catnip?

Scientific name: Nepeta Cataria Common name: Catnip, Catswort, or Catmint Catnip is made from a short-lived perennial herbaceous plant that grows to about 50-100 cm or 20-39 in. This plant blooms in late spring to autumn time. It resembles the mint family, with brown-green leaves, a square stem, and white to pinkish flowers. There are… Read More »