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Do you have a new puppy?

I remember those days! It can be very hard to see the end to the chewing or pottying on everything. Luckily these tips and tricks are here to help! Feeding your new dog is probably one of the first obstacles to tackle. A lot of times the food that they were eating before coming home… Read More »

The Rat Pack

In honor of National Dog Day, I want to tell you a little about our pups.   Josephine Catherine, better known as Joey. Joey is her mom’s shadow, where ever you mommy is she is not far behind. Joey is a young 8 years old. Unfortunately, the scientists were a little late in finding the… Read More »

Ratbone Rescue

    When we were looking to add to our furry family we came across Ratbone Rescue. I was instantly impressed with them. They try to rescue every rat terrier or a rat terrier mix, that they can. I came across the story of a pregnant Rat terrier that was found walking the streets of Louisiana.… Read More »